Happy 45th Birthday To Everyone's Favorite Toronto Mayor [GIFS+PICS]

If you haven’t heard Rob Ford’s name by now–that being May 28th, 2014–then you must not watch television or read newspapers. There’s also a 98% chance you don’t go on the internet too often, because the internet absolutely loves Toronto’s crack-smoking Mayor.

And the internet has a lot to celebrate today, since it’s Rob Ford’s 45th birthday. Yes, he turns a ripe 45 years young today. We’re mostly just hoping (for his own sake) that Ford isn’t out celebrating  his birthday in his favorite ways. It’d be safer for the people of Toronto if Ford is celebrating at home and staying out of trouble. Best case scenario is that he’s still in rehab.

But how do you honor a crazed Canadian like Rob Ford on his 45th birthday without also hitting the crack pipe? Try this collection of 45 internet tributes to the Great Man. We have gifs, memes and–well, just pictures of the guy. Bonus content: Chris Farley is in here somewhere–we’ll see if you can even tell the difference between the two…

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