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Gisele Bundchen Strips Down For Lui Magazine [PICS]


Gisele Bundchen has followed Rihanna in baring her bod for the fine fashion magazine Lui–which is so hip that it’ll make you wish that you could read French. You won’t mind looking at the pictures, though. In case you’ve forgotten, Lui is the publication that got Rihanna barred from Instagram after she posted topless photos from her own nude shoot for the magazine. It looks like Giselle is just as ready to bare her bod to lure in Lui readers.

In even better news, Gisele has also done the kind of┬ásmartly strategic SFW nudity that can be shared on Instagram without causing a scandal. That isn’t to say that Gisele’s Lui shoot isn’t scandalous, though. Check out these amazing pics as Gisele serves up sideboob, underboob, and just plain nudity that’s still tasteful enough to keep things safe. We don’t mind that Rihanna got a little more daring, but Gisele is looking gorgeous–and you can follow up these Lui samples with Gisele’s bikini boating pics, or maybe just 100 (or more) pics of Gisele at her sexiest…


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