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CAMPUS CRIME: Someone is Tickling Boston College Students



Boston College Tickler

Police are looking for a man who keeps breaking into the homes of Boston College students–to either watch them sleep, or usually tickle the students while they’re sleeping.

Boston College Police reported that the “Tickler” (worst Batman villain ever!) has struck at least 10 times in the last two years. He’s described as a 5-foot, 8-inch tall man who always wears dark clothing and a hoodie. He sneaks up to students’ windows at night and either watches them sleep from the house or breaks in and tickles them on their feet while they are sleeping. Just as they wake up, he runs out of the house before he can be caught or identified.

The tickler never takes anything out of the house or causes any physical harm to the students other than an elevated heartbeat and an permanent sense of dread and discomfort. One student struck by the “Tickler” was so traumatized by the experience that he hasn’t been able to sleep in his own room since it happened. We don’t blame him. We would be just as scared and we’d probably still be washing our bedsheets and the mattress.

The amazing part is that the “Tickler” used to just be an urban legend that made its way around the campus. Students originally believed the “Tickler” to be nothing more than campus gossip but police just confirmed that he’s real and breaking into homes to fulfill his weird fetish of scaring people while they sleep. Hopefully, police can catch the guy or Boston College can combat the problem by becoming an even bigger party school so the students don’t sleep causing the guy to just move away.

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