Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Tuesday, May 27th

After a hectic Memorial Day weekend, it’s a great feeling to just sit around the house–although we can’t sit around the house quite as perfectly as Patricia Perez (posing above). Yeah, it’s going to be tough to top Patricia in a casual pose today. Still, our Instagram feed has some tough competition. Consider the incredible Kathryn Tessa writhing on her bed, or maybe Casie Cheg looking impressively casual, or even Kathryn Goyette just laying on the floor. We’re not sure what she’s doing on the floor, but it looks like fun.
In contrast, Johana Gomez is busy doing her laundry. She looks better than we do when we do our laundry. It probably helps that she’s at a cool retro laundromat. We’re also happy to report that some of the lovely ladies of Instagram are still out rocking their bikinis–like Alejandra Guilmant and Autumn Allenbach. Jennifer Ansari is rocking her bikini with a retro look, too.
Jenna Lipp seems to prefer some skateboarding, and we’re sure impressed with her form. Tiffany Cook is looking less graceful, but…well, she’s in go-go boots, so we’re perfectly happy with that look. And that’s just the start of our favorite intimate Instagram pics from various incredible ingenues. Check them out and start getting that holiday spirit back…

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