Maria Belen Rodriguez Goes Up Against The Internet [127 PICS]

Maria Belen Rodriguez is one of the most popular models and television personalities in Argentina–but she’s not happy with how the rest of the world sees her. The international beauty has gotten a little too international for her taste, with the name Maria Belen Rodriguez being linked to porn sites. That’s not unusual. A lot of prominent porn sites have footage of mainstream actresses and models. Or so we’re told.
Maria Belen Rodriguez is out to change that. She’s very angry that the internet is linking her to unsavory sites, and has actually gone to court with lawsuits against Yahoo and Google. Maria isn’t seeking big bucks, though. Her first lawsuit against the internet giants won her $15,000 in the Argentine courts back in 2010–before the sum was reduced to $6,200. Now she’s filed a new lawsuit–and we kind of feel sorry for Yahoo and Google, because it’s not like they should actually be held responsible for the internet’s content.
In her defense, though, Maria Belen Rodriguez is really hot and we hate to disagree with her about anything. She’s certainly earned the right to be treated like a sex symbol. Maria first caught our attention with a wardrobe malfunction back in 2012, but she’s a major figure in Mexico, Italy, and her native Argentina. This lawsuit is getting her a lot more attention, too. We’re just hoping that this doesn’t keep Maria from posing provocatively–like in the plentiful pics below. Enjoy them, but let’s try to think wholesome thoughts…

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