Guess The Celebrity Beach Butt 2014 [PHOTOS]

Guess The Celebrity Beach Butt

How well do you know your Celebrity Beach Butts? That’s an important question. Imagine that you’re hanging out at the beach and you look up to see a shapely butt walk right past you, and you think to yourself, “Wow, that’s a nice butt,” and then do absolutely nothing. That would be tragic in most cases–but what if it was Candice Swanepoel’s beach butt? She’s been dating the same man for nine years, and would probably really like to meet some new guy. Too bad that you just sat there and let a major opportunity walk by because you don’t know your Celebrity Beach Butts!

Obviously, we can’t risk that kind of thing happening again. So here’s a very useful wall of Celebrity Beach Butts designed to help you recognize the best assets of supermodels, actresses, and even stars of reality-television. This is one summer where you can be really prepared when a beautiful butt comes along.

And that butt doesn’t even have to belong to a celebrity. Imagine the happy look on a lady’s face when you say, “Hey, do you know that you have a butt that looks just like a certain supermodel’s?” Yeah, you’re going to be scoring on the beach this season–but, just like in college, you’re not going to get there without some studying….

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