Chloe Dykstra on "Heroes of Cosplay" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Chloe Dykstra on Heroes of Cosplay

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It’s no secret that your See Her Tonight column is fond of geeky gals and true Geek Godesses–but we still often forget to check out the ladies of Heroes of Cosplay. That’s partly because the show is a competition that never gets too sexploitive. But anyone who thinks big brains are sexy will want to tune in for Chloe Dykstra, who’s currently the Queen of Cosplay as far as we’re concerned.
First of all, Chloe Dykstra is the rare Geek Gal who was born into that kind of thing. She’s the daughter of legendary special-effects man John Dykstra, who pretty much revolutionized the industry with his work on the original Star Wars series. Chloe, however, is revolutionizing being a geeky gal by mixing hot poses with smart ideas. The pic above is from her spoof of Esquire’s beloved “Me In My Place” photo series–which wouldn’t be nearly as funny if Chloe wasn’t actually hot enough to join Esquire’s ranks of hot “My Place” gals like Laura Vandervoort and plenty more
Chloe also easily gets us goofing over her proud geekiness—just as we have over ladies like Katee Sackhoff, Summer Glau, and Olivia Munn. You don’t have to be a geek to stay dedicated to Chloe’s website and Twitter account, though. Now we just need Hollywood to catch on to this ravishing redhead and free Chloe up from her hobby of starring in funny film shorts. For now, though, let’s check out these pics that’ll give you a funny feeling in your own shorts…

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