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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Memorial Day Edition


So what kind of pics do models post via Instagram on Memorial Day? Well, the kind of pics that are certainly memorable. Some of them–like the lovely Chelsea Franz above–use the holiday as a chance to bare their patriotism. We have plenty of inspiring pics like that, courtesy of Great American babes like Alex Schmidt, Torrey West, and Ashley Elizondo. We also have Alexandria Morgan baring her bod in a patriotic bikini against the backdrop of New York City, thanks to a sensational new shoot from photographer Bryan DeWitt.

We also have Paulina Shafir embracing her inner American, plus beauties like Alysse Reynolds and Daniella Grace hitting the pool and showing off that they’re ready to celebrate their freedoms all summer. Bikini-style, that is. We’re not sure what Maya Donovan is saying with her spin around the stripper’s pole, but we sure support her right to do that kind of thing. So start wrapping up your long weekend with some Memorial Day pics that’ll get you feeling properly patriotic…

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