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Emma Watson Graduated, And We Celebrate With Her At The Beach [PICS]


Emma Watson Selfie Brown University

It’s not really a tradition for a hot young actress to graduate from a prestigious college, but Emma Watson sure took a traditional selfie before accepting her degree in English Literature from Brown University. She had lots of followers happy to see her join the ranks of brainy babes like Danica McKellar–although we think that Emma Watson will be too busy to show up on Dancing With The Stars soon. After all, she’s also been busy making movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Noah. That’s why it took Emma six years to finish her degree. Our excuse isn’t nearly as good.

We also didn’t look nearly as good at our graduation [photo via…]

Anyway, we’re very excited to see Emma finishing up her studies so she can go back to being a full-time actress and do a nude scene thrive in adult roles. But what’s next for Emma right now? Well, we’re going to hope that she’s taking a well-deserved vacation so that we can get more pics of her in a bikini, like we have below. That’s our fondest wish for Emma. So let’s join her on the beach this Memorial Day–and then you might want to check out the 40 Sexiest Emma Watson Photos (that don’t include these below)…

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