58 Amazing American Body Paint Patriots Because Memorial Day [PHOTOS]


Nothing is more memorable than a Memorial Day gallery of beautiful babes body-painting themselves into a patriotic frenzy. In fact, we’re thinking that these bountiful babes are going to give you a whole new appreciation of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. It’s also the kind of classic patriotic cheesecake that’s best served up on a day like Memorial Day. Especially since we’re mourning the loss of legendary pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager. That amazing dame took some of the sexiest shots ever, and helped to create the legendary sex symbol Bettie Page–and her many sexy imitators.

Bunny specialized in the same kind of retro beauty that you”ll be admiring here–except that Bunny had to deal with the burden of shooting around clothing, or at least getting ladies out of their clothes. The body-painted beauties here, however, have really poured themselves into their work. Or had their work poured on them, and that’s just as sexy. So keep rocking your Memorial Day with these American beauties that’ll have you saluting….

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Emma Watson Graduated, And We Celebrate With Her At The Beach [PICS]
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