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Tiffany Hines on Devious Maids

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We’ve been geeking out all day with articles on Ian McKellen and the Alien franchise and Lara Croft cosplay for Geek Pride Day–and we’re kind of continuing that tradition with Tiffany Hines on Devious Maids. After all, this gal is a proud gaming geek. Tiffany Hines isn’t the kind of lady who pretends to be into things that she’s not (like horror movies), but Tiffany is a true gamer whose favorite fictional character is Lara Croft. So you can see how this all comes together.  [photo via…]

It’s not as easy keeping things together as a Tiffany Hines fan. She tends to only make it into recurring roles–except for the old spy series Nikita, where Tiffany actually hung around for an entire season. Otherwise, we’ve had to catch Tiffany coming and going as a devious detective on the 90210 reboot, and she’s managed to show up on eight episodes of Bones over a six-year stretch.

At least we’re seeing Didi fairly regularly on Devious Maids as an ex-stripper who’s married to a rich older man–and is now having an affair with the doctor who’s taking care of that older man, who’s very ill. We’re hoping for a flashback sequence sometime. Until then, we’re still happy to have Tiffany in our living rooms on a regular basis. We know that Devious Maids isn’t a genre show, but these pics will show you why Tiffany gets us geeking out…

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