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The Top 40 Sexiest Instagram Pics Of Last Week [May 19th–23rd]


It was a beautiful past week on our Instagram feed, thanks to plenty of amazing models getting ready for the start of summer. Those included Jessica Colorado (above), who keeps reminding us that she was one smart choice as a Miss COED. The same went for intimate Instagram pics from Miss COEDs such as Tawny Swain, Miss COED 2013 Megan Retzlaff, and Miss COED 2014 Lauren Hanley.

But there were plenty of other babes getting ready for summer, and it sure wasn’t easy taking our daily Top 20 and rounding it up to a Top 40 for this week. We were certainly inspired by the patriotic displays of Jennifer Irene and Sahara Ray (who brought along a friend to get wrapped up in stars ‘n stripes). Britt Linn dressed down to celebrate the naming of the Playboy Playmate of the Year (it was Kennedy Summers), and Jules Liesl stripped down to her barest bikini to do some early vacationing underwater.

Bar Rafaeli showed up a sensational new side of her bod in a glamorous gown at Cannes, and Jesse Golden gave Kino MacGregor some serious competition as the week’s sexiest yoga instructor. Kendall Jenner was polite enough to post her stunning sideboob pic early in the week, so she didn’t give newlywed Kim Kardashian any competition.

And in terms of academic competition, Arielle G. Treus posted a very hot graduation pic. (Congrats, Arielle!) Now check out all the action and see why we’ve spent the past several days already revved up for a Memorial Day weekend–and now let’s get revved up again…

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