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“X-Men: Days of Future Past”: Bingbing Fan’s Hot Mutant Beauty [PICS]


X-Men: Days of Future Past stars Bingbing Fan as the most powerful mutant in the universe–or at least in the comic-book movie universe, since Bingbing Fan manages to steal the movie while playing a mutant with a pretty lame power. Technically, all that the character of Blink can do is create portals. Thanks to some great choreography, though, Blink gets to be the most lethal mutant going up against the robotic Sentinels. We know that Quicksilver will get more official buzz, but Bingbing’s Blink does the most with the least amount of screen time. [photo via…]

We go a little more into that with our X-Men: Days of Future Past Mutant Guide. For now, though, let’s take a hard look at Bingbing Fan–who, due to her Chinese heritage, is also occasionally billed as Fan Bingbing. We think her credit in Futures Past makes thing more official, though. This isn’t Bingbing’s first time in superhero territory, though. Audiences in China got to see Bingbing showing up in Iron Man 3, courtesy of added scenes that were shot to appeal to an international market.

She wasn’t playing Blink, though. Bingbing’s mostly been playing more fantastical figures in movies for the Chinese market–and has been enjoying plenty of international stardom as a model. We know that Bingbing has signed for four more X-Men films, though, so she’s about to bust out big after several years as China’s top celebrity. Check out these amazing looks and see why Bingbing is pinging the marketing trends this weekend…

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