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“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Post-Credits Scene: As Explained By Geeks


X-Men Days Of Future Past Apocalypse Post Credits

This article is spoiler-free about X-Men: Days Of Future Past–except to let you know there’s a post-credits scene after the movie, and a lot of folks will miss out because those credits go on forever. And most of the people who stay will have absolutely no idea what they’re watching. After all, the Sony studio doesn’t have a new superhero film to promote. Instead, the new X-Men movie is just setting up the next X-Men movie. It’s no spoiler to say that there’s going to be another X-Men movie. Especially if Days Of Future Past makes the money it deserves at the box office.

Okay, so here’s what’s going on, and we really think you’ll enjoy being better informed as you see the movie. Assuming you didn’t go get drunk during a long Friday lunch and have already seen the thing…

The scene starts while tracking along a sand dune, before the camera reveals an imposing figure standing high above worshiping humans chanting his name. You’ll notice there are four figures on horseback watching in the background. Then the camera pans high, and there’s a pyramid miraculously forming by floating stones while spinning in the sky. Then there’s an abrupt cut to black.

That’s when people walk out and say, “What the hell was that?” It’s also when geeks like us step forward to say, “Dude, that’s Apocalypse!’ This final scene is confirmation that the next X-Men movie will be about the mutants fighting the timeless bad guy who’s been causing mayhem in the universe for ages. He originally started out as the Magneto-level nemesis in the X-Factor comic book, but he’s gone on to become a major figure in the entire Marvel Mutant world. In fact, Apocalypse might be the original mutant, and he’s a firm believer in survival of the fittest.

Those worshiping humans, incidentally, are chanting, “En Sabah Nur,” which was Apocalypse’s original name when he was born in ancient Egypt. You know what would be fun? Freak out your fellow moviegoers by chanting along during the scene. That’ll make them wonder.

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