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“X-Men: Days of Future Past”: 10 Mutants & What They Mean [FILM REVIEW]


X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best X-Men movie ever–and that’s not even because we’re still trying to recover from X-Men: The Last Stand. This is the movie that goes back to the classic ’80s comic-books for one of the most epic X-Men sagas ever. This time we have Wolverine doing some time-traveling to save the mutants of 2023 from certain doom, courtesy of a robot race called The Sentinels. The film does a lot of justice to the original comics arc that helped to make X-Men one of the best-selling comics of all time.

But we have some notes. Specifically, the structure of the movie really plays around with audience expectations when it comes to the mutants in the cast. We’re staying spoiler-free here, but still providing a few vital notes that’ll be helpful (or maybe just fun) to know before spending your hard-earned cash on X-Men: Days of Future Past. So check out how we’re rounding up mutants like Sentinels. And more than ten, too…


X-Men: Days of Future Past is based on a famous X-Men story arc from the comics–but if X-Men: Days of Future Past was adapted into a comic book, then it would play more like a Wolverine comic book with assorted guest stars. The focus of the movie pretty much stays on Hugh Jackman’s mutant as he stumbles around in 1973 and meets other mutants. But not too many, because that would be a budget-buster. The movie is okay with risking a big plot hole with that development, and the script never suffers too much.


We really expected for Jennifer Lawrence to make a quick appearance in the movie, and then have Mystique morph into some other actress who we’d hate for not being Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, we’re very happy to report that Jennifer Lawrence has a really big role with lots of great scenes. That doesn’t count as a spoiler because you’re not as cynical as we are.


Nicholas Hoult shows up as Hank McCoy, and he does a pretty great job for a walking plot hole. We’re hoping that this turn will finally make the British favorite (and former kiddie actor) a proper star in America. That should finally break him up with Jennifer Lawrence for good.


Bingbing Fan gets to steal the movie as the transporting mutant Blink–who you’d think wouldn’t really have much of a superpower, but Blink ends up being a real badass when it comes to stopping giant robot Sentinels designed to kill mutants. In fact, Blink is pretty much responsible for all of the present-day Sentinel fights being so amazing. It’s a good day for minor mutants.


You don’t get a lot of Quicksilver in this movie, but Evan Peters enjoys a pretty long showcase that lets him become an instant fan favorite. We think that you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Also, this movie does a lot to make up for that dopey Carl’s Jr.’s commercial that didn’t even have a hot model in it.

Kitty Pryde

We get a lot more of Ellen Page here than we expected–but we still wish that Kitty Pryde would get a proper superhero name. She went from Sprite to Shadowcat in the comics. Anyway, the original “Days of Future Past” comic book storyline had Kitty Pryde doing the time traveling. Now she has the mutant power to cause time travel, and that’s news to us. We’re pretty sure that’s never come up with the character before–and that this new power is a way to appease the fans who remember that Kitty did all the time-traveling in the original “Days of Future Past” stories.


The deal must’ve been that Halle Berry would show up for what she was being paid, but don’t ask for more than 10 words of dialogue. The producers said, “Okay dokey”–mostly because nobody shows up to X-Men movies to see Storm, but we still thought that we should warn you.


Congrats to Anna Paquin’s agents, who must’ve signed a hell of a contract for Anna to get fifth billing in the credits despite being cut entirely out of the film. And by “entirely,” we mean that you see her character of Rogue once, but there’s no reason to believe that we’re not looking at archive footage there.

Professor X & Magneto

Patrick Stewart has a pretty easy gig here. We’re not making a joke about him getting to sit through the entire movie, either. Professor Xavier just pretty much spends the entire movie in a kind of supervisory position. It’s really nice to see Ian McKellan getting recruited into a fight sequence, though. The guy’s turning 75 years old this Sunday.

Mutants Too Good To Mention

We promised no spoilers–so we’ll just say that you’re going to get the happiest ending ever to an X-Men movie. Days of Future Past isn’t just a movie about changing the past. It’s a movie that literally changes the past and corrects some terrible misfires in the X-Men franchise. Don’t be creeped out if you hear some fans cheering over one appearance at the end. It’s a big deal.

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