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UT Fraternity Suspended For Pouring Hot Sauce on Pledges’…Um, Areas



A University of Tennessee fraternity found a new low in hazing by forcing their new recruits to pour hot sauce on their junk. Well, we’re pretty sure that’s the new low. Other people sure thought it was a problem. The university suspended the charter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity after several fraternity leaders finally admitted to the bizarre hazing ritual. One of the new pledge’s parents complained to the university prompting an investigation into the fraternity.

The fraternity also wasn’t allowed to admit additional members at the time of the incident but 12 pledges endured the painful hazing anyway in order to become members. Investigators confirmed the hazing ritual after they found a pair of underwear stained with hot sauce in a strategic area. The hazing ritual also involved paddling the prospective candidates. Two of the 10 students also confirmed the hazing ritual for investigators. The school put the fraternity on a suspension that will last until August of 2016 in which the school will not recognize them as a valid student organization.

The worst part is that the hazing wouldn’t have mattered because the pledges didn’t get into the fraternity. The national headquarters of Alpha Phi Alpha had already rejected the pledges’ applications and the hazing was done after the main office sent out their rejection letters. So the sadistic bastard who did this was just torturing a bunch of innocent students for no real reason. Is their some way that UT could work the same hazing ritual into the fraternity leaders’ punishment? We’re not saying an “eye for an eye” is a valid punishment for every situation–but in this case, a little “junk for junk” feels appropriate.

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