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Steve Aoki “Rage The Night Away” Video: Behind The Scenes, Into The Cube


Steve Aoki Behind The Scenes Rage The Night Away Video

Dance fans have been burning up Youtube over Steve Aoki’s new video for “Rage The Night Away”–where Mr. Aoki seems to be running an exclusive dance club that’s actually a glowing cube, but that’s okay because the glowing cube is full of sexy glowing dancers. Waka Flocka is also in the house cube, and that helps to make for some really hyped electric house cube music.

Aoki’s Neon Future album isn’t out until August 12th, but “Rage the Night Away” has dropped just in time to get us ready for our summer soundtrack and Memorial Day concerts–like the Electric Daisy Carnival happening this weekend. Which reminds us that New Yorkers will get to see Steve Aoki at Madison Square Garden on August 16th (get tickets here), and you can check his website to find other live shows where Aoki opens his cube to the public.

There’s also a great new video where Steve Aoki takes you inside that cube–or at least behind the scenes of the video shoot for “Rage the Night Away.” Check out how Steve (and ladies) actually got glowing while being vacuumed into their futuristic outfits. Then get back some rhythm with the actual “Rage the Night Away” video

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