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Riff Raff Teaches Young Stunners In New Video “How To Be The Man”


How To Be A Man
In his newest music video for the single “How To Be The Man,” Riff Raff explains to the young gunners how to be a HiGHROLLER. While there’s no mention of illicit drugs, MTV reality television shows, or hiring strippers for TMZ interviews, we have to admit that the rap game’s James Franco does put it down for the little homies. Having a baller dog and four hot women around you is a good start on how to be the man.

We kid. JODY is legit. And while this song is over a year old, it’s nice to see the NEON iCON applying his signature style and lack of common sense to the production for a new video.

And since I refuse to post anything Riff Raff-related without including my favorite WSHH haters here we go. The video is at the bottom of the post.

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