Natasha Barnard Wants To Sell You Some Lingerie [17 PICS]

It’s very closed-minded for us to just think of Natasha Barnard as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model when she’s so much more–specifically, a really great lingerie model.
In fact, Natasha Barnard is a pretty great model for any fashion line. She has amazing curves that really help her stand out from the competition–even by the high standards of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. This stunning South African babe is also a very natural fit for the Freya line of lingerie. The company is very proud that their fine fashions can accommodate up to a K cup, and they’re not talking about coffee. We’re sure an old-fashioned curvy gal like Natasha is particularly appreciative of those sizes.
Fortunately, Natasha isn’t old-fashioned in posing for Freya–and we should note that the company also has a great swimwear line, so you can imagine why Natasha Barnard is the Freya brand’s kind of model. We’re sure sold on these amazing pieces, and we’re pretty sure that a lady doesn’t have to be built like Natasha to really fill them out for some maximum effect. And if you need maximum Natasha, then enjoy these fine Freya photos and follow up with a look at Natasha Barnard’s sexiest Instagram pics

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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, May 22nd
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