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Lake Havasu Memorial Day Party Girls: No Bikini Required [50 PHOTOS]


Lake Havasu during Memorial Day Weekend is an event unlike any other–the terms “raunchy” and “debaucherous” don’t really cut it until you see it or experience it for yourself.

For one, it seems that bikinis tops are ditched in favor of pasties normally seen on strippers. Do most of the women in these pictures look like they could be strippers? Yes, so that could be some reason for the crossover. But the point of my story is that bikinis are optional.

Another point of my story is that a look into the wild party that is Lake Havasu during MDW has become somewhat of a tradition for us here at COED. Look no further than our posts this time of year.

Memorial Day Edition 2012Memorial Day Edition 2011Memorial Day Edition 2010

I guess what I’m trying to say is that during Memorial Day Weekend, Lake Havasu is without a doubt the craziest f*cking party in the world. If you find yourself single, rich enough to book a last minute flight to Arizona, and looking to act like an animal, pack your sh*t and head Lake Havasu.

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