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Carrie Keagan on “The Late Late Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Carrie Keagan on The Late Late Show

(12:30 AM EST,CBS)

It’s another busy Friday night for WWE Smackdown, with ladies ranging from Eva Marie to Summer Rae to the Funkadactyls–but we’re going to hit the late-night talk-show circuit for the lovely Carrie Keagan, who regularly puts the smackdown on all kinds of people as one of the most personality-packed television personalities out there.  [photo via…]

Carrie Keagan will be kicking ass with Craig Ferguson tonight, and that’s worth getting home in time for the second guest (after Jon Favreau) on The Late Late Show. We know that puts Carrie on the bottom rung of tonight’s talk show guests, but she’s still a star to us. She’s probably still best known as a gal brightening our (occasional) mornings with VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. Carrie also crosses all political boundaries as a real charmer on Fox News Channel’s Red Eye (with Greg Gutfeld). And, of course, Carrie did a fine job geeking out glamorously for G4’s Attack of the Show!

We’re also looking forward to see more of Carrie in horror movies. She’s currently shooting one with the very promising title of Fetish Factory, and Carrie also looks set to be in the horror anthology V/H/S:Viral. For now, though, we’re happy to have her in our living rooms, and here are some pics to get even more guys tuning in tonight…

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Amazing “See Her Tonight” Gals!

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