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Apple Pulls “Weed Firm” Off of Its App Store [VIDEO]


weed firm

Apple isn’t saying why they pulled a game from their iTunes App Store that simulates a marijuana growing business.

Weed Firm, a mobile game made by Manitoba Games, was taken off of Apple’s app shop shortly after it became the most popular game on the mobile store. The game required players to run a secret pot farm by growing marijuana plants, cultivating them at the right time and making sure they have enough product by the time their clientele stops by for a dime bag. Apple, however, must have decided that they didn’t want such a game on their store so they pulled it to prevent anyone else from downloading it. However, it’s still available for Android users who don’t have such a touchy sense of humor. Here’s some footage of the game that the studio posted on their YouTube page…

Manitoba released a statement confirming that Apple pulled the game off of their store. They implied that the reason the game is no longer available is because “the game was just too good” while noting that there are other marijuana related apps on the shop. They promised their fans that they would have to rework the game in order to “comply with Apple’s strictest requirement since they are going to be looking very attentively at what we submit from now on.” If there was a concern about children playing the game, Manitoba insisted that they “do not want kids playing Weed Firm, but we firmly believe that adults should have a choice to do whatever the hell they want as long as they are not hurting anybody in the process.” And Apple wonders why they are losing out to Google.

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