Jessica Alba: SinSational For ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY [49 A$$ENTIAL PICS]

Jessica Alba Entertainment Weekly cover h

Entertainment Weekly is putting together their big Summer Edition–and our hearts are getting very warm to see Jessica Alba on the cover. It’s nice to see EW pushing Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, of course, but we doubt the mag wouldn’t have jumped on the film if they couldn’t put a bathing beauty like Jessica Alba on the cover. To be fair, the mag also adds the newly-buff Chris Pratt for the ladies, but that only warms our hearts because we like the idea of gals ogling magazine covers like we do.

It’s also good to see Jessica Alba getting treated like a big deal again. Her return to Sin City is also Jessica’s return to the multiplexes. She showed up uncredited as one of the hot babes of Machete Kills! (and was quickly killed off), but Jessica’s biggest role lately was on IFC’s The Spoils of Babylon. That was a great role that showed off some range, but Jessica hasn’t been getting treated like a movie star lately.

We’re still looking forward to the upcoming horror film The Veil, and will be really bummed out if the upcoming Stretch ends up going direct-to-video–especially with Jessica having costars like Brooklyn Decker, Mindy Robinson, and Anne McDaniels. That one will be opening internationally in June, but we’d rather not fly to France to see Stretch because we hear the popcorn is terrible there.

Anyway, congrats to Entertainment Weekly for bringing Jessica back to magazine covers, and all while featuring her most awesome asset–which we cover even more with these hot pics of the Ass-Ential Jessica Alba…

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