Adam Sandler & Jimmy Kimmel Talk About Napping At Parties [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Sandler discussed their ages, what they were wearing and, of course, napping at parties last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! After realizing that Sandler is, indeed, one year older than Kimmel at age 47, Kimmel then went on to poke fun at what Adam Sandler was wearing. Sandler has never been known as a fashion icon, opting to wear hoodies and sweatpants to most of his events. For being a multi-millionaire, Sandler’s attire would never hint it.

The best part was when they got into the art of napping, though. Kimmel fondly remembered that they had seen each other recently at a party and that Sandler disappeared for some time. When he got back, Kimmel inquired where he had gone and Sandler admitted that he had, indeed, gone to another room to take a nap. “‘I’m not good in those social situations,” Sandler then explained. “You gotta be refreshed at all times.”

We do love Adam Sandler, although we’re betting huge bucks that we’re going to hate the new Blended when it comes out tomorrow. Check out Sandler and Kimmel’s funny clip below and also check out the glorious return of Celebrities Reading Cruel Tweets, as well..:

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