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Possible #1 NBA Draft Pick Joel Embiid Tried Singing Miley Cyrus [VIDEO]


Joel Embiid

After the Cleveland Cavaliers won the #1 Draft Pick in the NBA lottery last night, there’s a good chance that Kansas Jayhawk center Joel Embiid put on some Miley Cyrus to celebrate. Allow me to explain.

Yesterday Joel announced to the USA TODAY and the world that Miley Cyrus was his favorite musician. He particularly likes the song “23” that features Ms. Cyrus rocking a Jordan jersey in a manner that would make David Stern issue a very heavy fine. You know d*mn well the video we’re talking about.

He likes it so much that he tried “singing” it into the microphone for about three seconds… until he realized the next line was “high off purp.” The Cleveland Cavaliers who own the #1 pick probably wouldn’t have liked that very much. And considering that many people feel Joel Embiid could be the big man the Cavaliers so desperately need, there’s a good chance that his agent was behind the camera begging and waving him not to finish the line.

There can be only one star athlete in Cleveland who likes drugs.

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