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Nina Agdal Travels To The Time of Sideboob & Hot Pants For Bebe [PICS]


Are you tired of seeing Nina Agdal in a bikini all the time? Yeah, nobody’s tired of seeing Nina Agdal in a bikini all the time. We’re still pretty happy to see a different side of Nina while she’s posing for the Bebe clothing line in some adorably retro threads. You could drop her right into the 1973 setting of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and she’d fit right into the background.  [photo via…]

Sadly, we didn’t see anything like Nina Agdal in the background of  X-Men: Days of Future Past, but maybe that’s just as well. There was already enough action going on there (and Jennifer Lawrence also back in sexy ’70s fashions after American Hustle, but we can’t say anything more about that just yet). The important thing is that Bebe is making Nina look beautiful. These kind of count as behind-the-scenes shots, but we’re looking forward to seeing more of Nina in swinging ’70s fashions.

This gallery right here has Nina looking daring in denim, and ready for the disco in an outfit that plunges down to reveal plenty of sideboob. We’re also happy to have pics of Nina in some denim hot pants. At least, we think that’s part of the photo shoot. She’s checking her cell phone and carrying around a very modern iced coffee in those pics, so we’re not sure if those are retro short-shorts or just how Nina likes to dress after a shoot is finished.

It’s a beautiful sight, anyway, but Bebe should still get to work on making denim hot pants if they haven’t already. And you should probably go ahead and check out these pics–and then you can get back to Nina Agdal with some bikini pics, or Nina Agdal handbra photos

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