Kino MacGregor Just Became America's Sexiest Yoga Instructor [47 PICS]

Kino MacGregor thought that she was just posting another instructional video on Youtube. Instead, the striking blonde professional brightened up everyone’s Monday this week–mostly by turning “Frog Splits” into serious sexual innuendo. Of course, it’s not Kino MacGregor’s fault that the yoga position looks so much like twerking. The position actually looks like a few things, but that’s not the point. The point is that we guarantee that the Frog Split wouldn’t look particularly sexy if you were practicing the move in a room full of people. Especially a room full of COED staffers.
Kino, however, quickly caught the imagination of Youtubers who’d rather roll a joint than unroll a yoga mat. Not that you can’t do both. We do not judge–except to judge Kino MacGregor as the best thing to happen to yoga in a long time. She’s a respected yoga practitioner now, but Kino was kind of a late bloomer when she took her first class at the age of 19. She quickly became a yoga disciple, though, and is now a very serious gal in field. Kino’s even working toward her Ph.D. after earning a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.
Now she runs the Miami Life Center with…um, her husband, and we bet that guy could beat the hell out of anybody who was inappropriately eying his bride during a yoga class. We’ll just stay out of Miami for a while–and settle for checking out these amazing pics of Kino killing it with all kinds of amazing yoga positions. Let’s all be grateful that she uses these powers for good, too. Kino would make one hell of a ninja. And if you like the way that Kino moves, then check out some generous GIFs of other flexible femmes

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