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Kim Kardashian Shows Paris Her Pair (Plus Sensational Sideboob) [PICS]


Hey, guys–remember Kim Kardashian? We’re thinking that she was feeling a little left out while running around Paris with Kanye West. After all, there’s some rare kompetition for Kim Kardashian’s cans during the Kannes Cannes Film Festival. [photo via…]

There are ladies like Adriana Lima, Adele Exarchopoulos, and Ayem Nour rocking the red carpet, so what’s a classy dame like Kim Kardashian to do? Well, she made sure the paparazzi got an eyeful of her Parisian pair by parading around the City of Lights in a top that’s a sheer delight. This thing was not made for support, people. Instead, Kim was flaunting sensational sideboob and cavernous cleavage in a display that cannot be ignored. And it was not, and it won’t be by you, either–although you still might want to follow up these wild pics with Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest TwitPics, or maybe over 150 more sexy Kim photos. Yeah, we’re suddenly not tired of Kim, too…

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