Emma Greenwell on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Emma Greenwell on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

(9:00 PM EST, NBC)

It’s been a weird week of television here at the  See Her Tonight column, with lots of special programming and some season finales keeping guest shots at a minimum. But the producers are just wrapping up a regular season over at Law & Order: Special Victims Unit–which means we get a chance to see a very special appearance by Emma Greenwell.  [photo via…]
We don’t really know what kind of role Emma Greenwell has in tonight’s episode. Given the regular subject matter of Law & Order: SVU, we generally don’t ask too many questions before ogling guests like Mackenzie Shivers and Ashanti. We do know, however, that Emma Greenwell has become one of the sexiest gals of pay-cable, thanks to her amazing work as Mandy Milkovich in the Showtime series Shameless.
For a long time, Shameless was pretty much run by Emmy Rossum and Daria Badanina as resident sex symbols. Then we got this English (but born in the USA) beauty replacing Jane Levy in the role of Mandy, and just in time for the character to become one of Shameless’ most shameless roles. Mandy has become a real fan favorite, and Emma’s wild presence has pretty much shut down any complaints about the change in casting. Emma’s also heading straight into a lead film role in the upcoming Dare to Be Wild–and with a title like that, the movie could be about Emma’s work on Shameless. Sadly, it won’t be, but you can start getting familiar with Emma right here (and we’ve even added some Shameless gifs)…

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