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Victoria Azarenka Out of the French Open, Still In Our Dreams [PHOTOS]


We’re usually happy when tennis star Victoria Azarenka is in the news, since she’s one of those tennis players who look really sexy even when they’re not grunting on the court and making an O-face as part of a grand slam that doesn’t involve our penises. Sadly, we haven’t been celebrating many grand slams from Victoria Azarenka lately. She already had a dramatic loss earlier this year to Lauren Davis at Indian Wells Masters Tournament earlier this year–which was mostly blamed on an old foot injury that now seems to have knocked the Belarusian babe out of playing the French Open.

This is bad news for tennis fans and guys who like to look at Victoria Azarenka. That’s because the champion (who’s currently ranked #5 in international competition) has already been resting for a while. She hasn’t played competitively since that early loss at Indian Wells. Victoria’s never made it to the finals at the French Open, but this isn’t a case where we should be watching a career in respectful decline. Victoria’s only 24 years old.

That means that she’s also younger than Maria Sharapova, so at least Victoria is set for plenty more years as one of the Sexiest Women of Tennis. We’re not going to pretend to be sports commentators speculating on the end of Victoria’s career, either. Victoria’s been in good form last year, and rode out the U.S. Open all the way to taking on Serena Williams. She’s probably got a lot more years dominating the court. And we’re pretty sure that Victoria could outplay us with a cement boot on–although we prefer imagining her like this…

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