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College Girls Love Kegstands [PHOTOS / VIDEO]


It’s hard to believe that colleges used to host keg parties without kegstands. We’re not sure why it took so long for college students to evolve to the point where they could chug beer directly from a keg. Well, we know that people were chugging directly from kegs. It still took a while before the idea came along to chug from the keg upside down while being supported by friends. But we don’t believe that kegstands would even exist without college girls. We just have a feeling that some guy wasn’t looking at another guy and thinking, “Yeah, it’d be really fun to hold him upside down by the ankles.”

Not that we would judge any guy who had that thought. We’re okay with anything that inspires beer consumption. But as you’ll see in these plentiful pics, there’s just something natural about a big strong man supporting a dame who has the gumption to pump a hearty helping from a keg right down her throat. We wish there was a more delicate way to put that. The ladies here are no delicate flowers, though. As far as we’re concerned, they’re all honorary bros.

And don’t forget to scroll down to see some fine Vine videos of ladies having their kegstanding ways immortalized on film. So check out these strong women indulging themselves with the help of (usually) guys, and appreciate the cooperative spirit of a true coed education…

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