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Charlize Theron Packs A Lot of Action Into Her VOGUE Shoot [14 PICS]


Charlize Theron is making the rounds to promote A Million Ways to Die in the West–which, thankfully, includes a cover story in Vogue which gives COED editors one good reason to live through another day. Charlize went back to her modeling roots for a great Vogue shoot that looks like her audition to be a Bond Girl. Or that’s what we’d say if we weren’t big fans of Charlize Theron’s big catfight scene with Teri Hatcher in 1996’s 2 Days in the Valley. That scene convinced a lot of guys that Charlize was an action hero in her own right.  [photo via…]

Charlize sure enjoys a lot of action in these pics, which we’ve augmented with a few great stills from her behind-the-scenes video. You can find that here, along with Jonathan Van Metere’s fine Vogue interview where Charlize talks about…well, sadly, her love life with Sean Penn. The good news is that Charlize doesn’t sound like she’s in a hurry to get married to the guy. Which is nice. As are these action-packed pics which prove that Charlize isn’t the kind of gal who just shows up at a shoot and works for a day and then runs off with free clothes. We like seeing this kind of dedication. We know that you’d like to see more of Charlize, too, and there are plentiful hot pics here–but first, let’s appreciate Charlize’s hard work for Vogue…

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