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Bar Rafaeli Has A Wild Summer With Spanish Elle [PHOTOS]


Bar Rafaeli has shown up on the cover of Elle Spain with the very promising headline of “Un Verano Salvaje”–which translates into “One Wild Summer,” or at least that’s what we were told by the guy at the magazine stand, so yell at him if we got that wrong. The important thing is that Bar herself is very eager to share pics of her fine pictorial via Facebook. We’ve still taken the time to clean things up and make sure that you’re enjoying every fine detail of Bar’s work.  [photo via..]

Yes, we’ve examined these pictures like Nicolas Cage examines the back of a dollar bill to figure out where Thomas Jefferson hid the keys to Fort Knox. We paid very careful attention to these pics. In fact, we guarantee that we’ve improved on whichever personal assistant ran down to Office Depot to scan her Elle shoot. What we’re really saying here is that we’re available to be Bar Rafaeli’s personal assistant. We hear the position pays $500 a day. We wouldn’t be able to pay that all at once, of course, but we’d be able to work something out.

And, yes, we stole that joke from a popular cable detective series–but not as deftly as Bar will steal your heart (and filthy imagination) with these daring pics on the beach. Check them out and then run down to your international newsstand for a copy for yourself. If you don’t have an international newsstand, we’ll be happy to get you one for a service charge of $5,000. Sorry it’s so much, but we’re saving up for our new job…

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