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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Monday, May 19th


We’re working towards Memorial Day Weekend, and it seems the lovely ladies of Instagram can’t wait to start stripping down. In fact, we’re a little shocked at how many intimate Instagram pics we have to cure our Monday blues. Alysha Nett is practically restrained in just showing off her favorite tattoo (and skateboarding skills) in the sexy shot above. Miss COED Tawny Swain also took the time to showed off her favorite tattoo via Instagram, but that ravishing redhead stripped down completely. Which was really cool of her, since Tawny’s favorite tattoo is behind her ear.

We have plenty more pics that you’ll need to check out in this Instagram Hot 20. You’ll want to check out Arielle G. Treus in a very hot graduation pic, and we’re hoping that means she’s now set with her MBA in Business. Chelsea Pereira gets down to some serious business by modeling a handbra. There’s some fantastic fantasy modeling by Samantha Leigh, and Sydney Ladd gives us an early Throwback Thursday by providing an old Polaroid pic for Modeling Monday.

There’s also Miss COED Allison Sky giving us a sneak peek at an upcoming shoot for some awesome athletic clothing, plus a sensational selfie from Miss COED of the Year 2013 Megan Retzlaff–who’s showing why the word “selfie” deserved to officially make it into the dictionary today. Now we’re just hoping they’ll put Megan’s pic on the page. For now, though, we have Megan on Instagram, plus plenty of other gorgeous models who will keep you coasting into Tuesday…

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