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Surfing Model Jill Anjuli Hansen May Hang Ten Years In Jail [27 PICS]


Jill Anjuli Hansen has allegedly gotten into a car and attempted to run down a 73-year-old woman, and that’s where we have to draw the line in admiring sexy surfer gals. Well, that’s usually the case. We’re pretty sure that we’re going to stick by our morals here, but let’s review the facts.  [Photo via…]

The first fact is that Jill Anjuli Hansen isn’t Anastasia Ashley or Alana Blanchard. That’s going to work against here. Jill is still pretty hot as a perfectly legitimate surfer who also does some modeling. Jill’s criminal charges, in fact, come at a very bad time. She actually went on Facebook right after getting arrested to announce that “I am becoming a professional!” Then she thanked the Association of Surfing Professionals, so we’re pretty sure she meant talking about being a professional surfer.

That’s in contrast to Jill’s other achievement of being charged with second-degree murder and getting hit with bail set at $1 million–which was probably a familiar experience to her, since Jill has a few prior assault charges against her. This latest one seems to be road rage, with Jill following the lady into a condo complex before hitting the old lady with her car. It seems there would’ve been a second try to finish the job, too, but some condo employees ran up and stopped Jill from hitting the woman again.

The great news is that the little old lady is recovering with just some cuts and bruises. That’s also great news in that now we don’t feel so bad about checking out these pics of Jill Anjuli Hansen, while pondering if maybe the judge wouldn’t consider a house arrest in the COED offices. We’re kind of land-locked, but Jill could still get out to surf via subway if she earned some time off for good behavior. And we know she’s spiritual, because we’ve watched her TED Talk. Honest, Your Honor, we think she’s worth the risk…

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