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Sarah Dumont on “Friends With Better Lives” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Sarah Dumont on Friends With Better Lives

(8:30 PM EST, CBS)

The show just got started, and it’s already time for the See Her Tonight column to say goodbye to Friends With Better Lives–which couldn’t be saved despite cast members like Brooklyn Decker and guests like Raquel Pomplun. But at least the failed CBS sitcom is airing the episode with Sarah Dumont guesting as…well, we’re not sure who she’s playing in this episode, but we wouldn’t argue if she was cast as Brooklyn Decker’s sister.

We sure thought that Sarah Dumont was a model when she began showing up in our living rooms a few years ago. We missed her on the pilot to the Melrose Place reboot (understandably enough), but we couldn’t miss her as a beautiful woman on the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That was even her billing: “Beautiful Woman.” Then she played “Hot Girl” on an episode of Dads, and “Beautiful Girl” on a failed pilot about a football team.

You can see why Sarah could get typecast as a hot gal. She even showed up on an episode of the (also recently canceled) Mixology as “Tube Top Girl.” That was inherently hot. But then Sarah got a nice showcase role in this year’s Bad Asses, which starred Danny Trejo and Danny Glover as aging bad-asses.

That was a really fun turn that allowed Sarah to let loose some real talent. Now we’re looking forward to Sarah as a lead actress in the upcoming Acid Girls–but first, check out these pics that’ll get you looking forward to Sarah in your living room tonight…

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