Michael Jackson Hologram Haunts The Billboard Music Awards [VIDEOS]

Michael Jackson Hologram Billboard Music Awards

It was almost derailed by a last-minute lawsuit, but a Michael Jackson hologram still managed to make it onto the Billboard Music Awards. The bizarre performance stole the headline from Justin Timberlake’s seven wins–and a lot of people seem to agree that it was kind of creepy. We’re not convinced that technology didn’t really give us a Michael Jackson impersonator captured in hologram form with a high-tech Michael Jackson mask over his face.

Still, the offbeat look to the Jackson hologram was kind of rivaled by the bizarre production number that looked like cops had shown up to arrest the hologram for—well, we had a clever joke there, but it seems about as inappropriate as watching a dead pop star promoting his new single. Check it out below, as both complete video (which has been getting deleted like crazy) and a Vine video from Mashable’s Brian Anthony Hernandez….

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