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Boobs Bounce Better on The Beach [35 GIFs]


Beach boobs GIFS

We’re really scratching our heads over trying to figure out the relation to bouncing breasts and beaches. We’re pretty sure that beaches are covered in sand (that being granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles), and breasts on the beach are often secured only in small swatches of fabric. After that, our science gets kind of fuzzy. We’re still fairly certain that there’s no place like the beach to see ladies who have their boobs bouncing better than any where else on Earth. 

That might change if anyone ever builds a strip club where the floors are made out of granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. That actually sounds like a great idea. There’s a strip club in Minneapolis called The Sand Box, so we’ll have to check to see if we still have a chance to establish a patent there.

But first, let’s all do more research on how boobs and beaches come together to form perfect poetry in motion–which, thanks to the miracle of .gif technology, can now be enjoyed again and again…

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