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Billboard Music Awards: The Best Of Red Carpet Sideboob [21 PICS]


We’ve already rounded up the winners of last night’s Billboard Music Awards (including that creepy Michael Jackson)–but the real winners are the guys who get to ogle the ladies of the evening’s red carpet. [photo via…]

We can’t say that everyone got the memo to display plentiful sideboob, but we can confirm ladies like Kesha (above), Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Rowland. Brazilian bombshell Claudia Leitte didn’t let her fans down, either. And we’re very excited to note that Nicki Minaj decided to toss in plenty of underboob. Maybe that’s not too big of a surprise, but Nikki also flaunted her top while skipping the heavy machinery while putting on her makeup. This is the most natural that a lot of guys have seen Nicki, and we’re betting that she has a lot of new fans now.

So check out these hit ladies–and try to understand that we included Danica McKellar just because she’s impossibly cute for an older lady, even though she wrapped her breasts pretty thoroughly for the evening. We prefer to think of it as a tight wrap–so check out these rocking gal’s who’ll get your own tights getting tighter…


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