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Babe Ruth Watch Sells For $650,000 At Auction


Babe Ruth Auction Watch

Many collectible owners want to get a piece of something from Babe Rut–and someone wanted that piece enough to pay $650,108 during an auction in Southern California. That bought a gold pocket watch that Ruth owned, which was originally made to celebrate the 25th anniversary (in 1948) of the old Yankee Stadium. It is quite interesting that someone would want to pay that much for a watch. [photo via…]

Ruth is arguably one of the top three baseball players of all-time and anytime someone can find a piece of Ruth, they want it. This is just another case of that with the watch. The special importance of the watch comes from the fact that it was the final appearance that Ruth made at Yankee Stadium which is why it likely went for such a high price. One of these days, the final Ruth item up for auction will come along, too, and that’ll be a hell of a bid.


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