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Adriana Lima Becomes The Biggest Hit At Cannes [PICS]


Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, and quickly earned some of the best reviews going on there. The festival has kind of fizzled when it comes to actual movies. The opening screening of Grace of Monaco couldn’t improve upon Adele Exarchopoulos on the red carpet, and a lot of other heavily-hyped movies have bombed with the critics. At this point, it looks like Foxcatcher has brought a buzz (see the trailer here), and everyone’s excited about Wild Tales from Damian Szifon and David Cronenberg‘s Map to the Stars.  [photo via…]

Oh, yeah. There’s a Victoria’s Secret model to be discussed here. We’re not sure what’s brought Adriana Lima to Cannes, but she’s certainly done a lot to cause a commotion. She dropped in to see the feminist Wild West saga of The Homesman, starring Hilary Swank and directed by Tommy Lee Jones, and it received some pretty good reviews. But the movie still got upstaged by Adriana Lima in an outfit that deserves a second, third, and fourth look. Plus a fifth look from a crane shot.

And there’s plenty more where this comes from. Be sure to check out glorious other Adrian Lima productions like The 44 Hottest Adriana Lima GIFs and Adriana Lima Comes To Your Living Room, plus Adriana Lima Goes to the Garage, and a prequel called Adriana Lima Before She Was Famous. But let’s start with these pics that remind us how this Brazilian bombshell got so famous to begin with…

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