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SNL Highlight(s): Andy Samberg’s Hug Life & St. Vincent [VIDEOS]


SNL Highlight Hugs Andy Samberg

Well, you can’t accuse Saturday Night Live of being predictable–because the show fumbled the season finale in a really unexpected way. A lot of it was expected, though. You got the usual parade of SNL alumni running rampant over the show (Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers) and host Andy Samberg relied on a lot of the usual things that made up for his weaknesses as a sketch artist during his long SNL stint. That included the inevitable return of the SNL Digital Short–with Samberg as part of the Lonely Island team singing an ode to hug-happy predatory males who simply don’t care about the hurt feelings of all the girls that they hug and then forget.

Okay, we’ll get to that–since it’s kind of fun, and Pharrell shows up, too–but let’s note that “Hugs” was almost immediately followed up by Samberg bringing back his white-rapper Blizzard Man character (with a cameo from 2 Chainz), and that was a depressing reminder that Samberg’s only big comedic idea is inappropriate white-guy rapping. Try to forget that while enjoying an admittedly fun highlight from a lame finale….

It’s a weird season finale when a musical act like St. Vincent can steal the show. And we’re thinking that Annie Clark (she who is St. Vincent) probably owes a debt to her pal David Byrne for giving her some advice on livening up SNL. Or maybe this performance is why St. Vincent and the former Talking Heads frontman get along so well. In any case, here’s St. Vincent doing “Birth In Reverse,” and we’re pretty sure most of the world is going with this as last night’s true highlight…

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