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Janet Montgomery on “Salem” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Janet Montgomery on Salem

(10:00 PM EST, WGN)

Sunday night is always on overload for your See Her Tonight column–and we’ve been kind of skeptical about how the fledgling WGN network chose a 10 pm slot on Sundays to launch their new syndicated network. But the executives were smart enough to launch their new network with the sexy period piece Salem, where all kinds of witchy babes are pushing the boundaries of nudity that’s allowed in prime time. Suddenly, that 10 pm EST time slot makes more sense.

And Salem also proves it’s serious about getting sexy with Janet Montgomery in a lead role. This amazing English gal managed to stand out in the UK series Skins in a 2008 turn that was really hot even by that series’ scandalous standards. It was her first film role, too–and we couldn’t miss her doffing her top in the direct-to-video Wrong Turn 3 the next year. We started watching for Janet Montgomery in more schlock films, but she surprised us with a role in 2010’s Black Swan. Janet then showed how seriously she was being taken in L.A. with a turn as a stripper on an episode of The League. Those guys are careful about casting only quality sex symbols (like Erin Heatherton, Chasty Ballesteros, and Lizzy Caplan).

Janet also enjoyed a stint on Entourage, and had a short-lived starring turn in a crappy show called Made In Jersey. She’s sure helping to spice up Salem, which has actually been pretty good–and you’ll want to see for yourself after you check out these great pics…

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