Woman Who Won the Week: Solange Knowles [PHOTOS]

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Solange Knowles made headlines this week with elevator-camera footage (via TMZ) of the former pop diva attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z. And even though Solange was only in the papers as Beyoncé’s sister, it was still a reminder to a lost generation that Beyoncé has a sibling. With a serious temper, too.

After all, it’s been over a year since Solange launched her own record label with Saint Records,. The last time she performed on stage was at Coachella in April, and that only made headlines because her sister joined her onstage. (Sorry, we only have photos of the sexiest gals at Coachella who were off the stage.)

This week’s big brawl was in the aftermath of the classy (and sexy) Met Gala, with Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Solange exiting the Standard Hotel in Manhattan, The reasons for the fight remain unclear. It is clear, however, that if it weren’t for Jay Z’s bodyguard restraining her, Solange was going to rough him up something fierce (something Sasha Fierce, even).

TMZ acquired the video, the hotel staffer who leaked the video was fired, and Beyoncé made some very public appearances with Jay Z after deleting all but one photo of her sister from her Instagram account–in a whirlwind of activity that seems as if it’s been going on for months, but in actuality just started Monday.

So there’s little doubt that Solange is the woman who won the week– if for no other reason than she managed to grab headlines away from her sister. Solange also gave us an excuse to remind you that she’s a beauty in her own right, so we’re thinking that everyone was a winner in the best elevator brawl since Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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