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Nikki Reed Turns 26, Which Is 2 x 13, So Here’s 31 Hot Pics [PHOTOS]


As any Twi-hard can tell you, the lovely and talented Nikki Reed is celebrating her 26th birthday today. That’ll be pretty traumatic to guys who remember when the 13-year-old was plucked from obscurity by her mother’s friend–director Catherine Hardwicke–to help script the 2003 film Thirteen. Nikki brought along the character with enough style for the producers to ask her to play the lead role herself. Besides, most young actresses considered the role too daring to touch. Alongside Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki soon proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

She reunited with Hardwicke for the blockbuster smash Twilight five years later, and went on to play the character Rosalie Hale in all five films. She has also moved into directing, helming the music video “Edie Sedgwick” for her friend Sage, as well as a video for Twilight co-star Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys.

Nikki is also currently back on the market, having formally separated from husband Paul McDonald, a former American Idol contestant. That level of attainability only makes her that much hotter in our book. Now check out these pics, because even guys who got annoyed over Thirteen and the Twilight films will have to admit that Nikki can show off one fine body of work…

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