Students Cry Racism Over Camel at College's "Hump Day" Event

The University of St. Thomas, a private Catholic college in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, put the kibosh on a “Hump Day” celebration after some students complained that the addition of a live camel for the event was racist.
The Residence Hall Association wanted to hold a special “Hump Day” get together on the campus to help the students get through their finals on Wednesday as well as the remainder of the school year. The RHA planned to hire a live camel for the event because, well, it’s a “Hump Day” and camels have humps. Who could object to such a cute and delicious pun? Apparently, a lot of students found a reason to be offended because whenever you try to be offended about something, you really don’t have to look very far.
Some students complained that the cost was too high, which is somewhat understandable even though it only cost $500 for the day. We know nothing about the animal rental trade but that sounds like a steal when you consider the fact that camels are native to America. The complaints that caught our eye were the charges of potential racism. Some complained on the group’s Facebook page the camel might offend students of Middle Eastern origins and culture.
So basically what they are saying is that camels are racist now. If this event was somehow related to Middle Eastern culture awareness or anything of that nature, they might have at most a weak point but now they are saying that showing a camel in any context is automatically racist. With that kind of logic, why not just shut down the entire school of veterinary medicine?

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