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Sports Illustrated’s List of Worst Sports Figures Also Goes To College



Donald Sterling Sports Illustrated List

Sports Illustrated has released their annual list of the least-liked figures in sports–and you probably already know that LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling made the list.

In fact, Sterling topped SI’s list of the “Most Disliked People in Sports” for the racist comments he made about African-American players to his “archivist” V. Stiviano that got him booted out of the NBA and whatever dwindling chances he had at becoming a decent human being. He was followed by New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, who managed to become an even bigger jerk by getting wrapped up in a doping scandal that earned him a 162-game suspension.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun rounded out the top three for getting caught up in the same Biogenesis drug scandal that nabbed A-Rod. Braun almost beat his rap, too, until an additional investigation by the MLB found that he lied to investigators earning him a 65-game suspension.

Some notable college names also snagged some prime real estate on SI’s list. Rutgers’ Julie Hermann placed sixth on the list for the many mistakes and abuses she made as a volleyball coach and the school’s athletic director when she said that she wished that Jersey’s Star-Ledger would go out of business just after it suffered a massive layoff. Alabama’s offensive coordinate Lane Kiffin also made the list for running his big mouth over NCAA violations he made while coaching Tennessee’s team–and splitting after just one season so he could run two of USC’s most dismal seasons to date.

Somehow, NCAA president Mark Emmert finished much lower on the list at No. 13 for his stubborn stance against letting his players earn a wage, unionize or eat above an allowable amount of free food. And we’d also like to salute the SI writers who settled for the relatively restrained title of “The Most Disliked People in Sports.” We know this article’s working titles had to be things like “This Year’s Biggest Douchebags” or “The Jocks Who Were the Biggest Jerks”–and it couldn’t have been easy to give up those winning headlines.

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