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Eva Marie on “WWE Smackdown” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Eva Marie on WWE Smackdown

(8:00 PM EST, Syfy)

Yeah, it’s the second Friday in a row that your See Her Tonight column is showcasing WWE Smackdown–but we didn’t hear too many complaints about the chance to ogle Layla. Now we’re following up with a gal who isn’t even wrestling on tonight’s show. Ravishing redhead Eva Marie is a real brawling babe, but she’s actually serving as guest referee tonight in a match between the beautiful Nikki Bella and the notoriously sexy Natalya.  [photo via…]

We’d never suggest that the WWE ever rigs their matches, but we’re thinking that it’s very unlikely that Nikki Bella is going to lose this match. It’s kind of nice how that’s a foregone conclusion, because Eva Marie is the only referee who could actually distract you from those two ladies smacking it down in the ring. Eva Marie is definitely one of the WWE’s more traditional beauties–and has been a real fan favorite ever since she busted out of the Florida farm leagues to serve as the valet for the Bella Twins.

“But,” you say, “isn’t a conflict of interest for the former valet for the Bella Twins to officiate a match with Nikki Bella?” Yeah, it’s a clear conflict of interest. There are times when we think the WWE doesn’t even give thought to that kind of thing. We’re still thrilled to see Eva Marie taking on any kind of role in the ring. This curvy California girl is settling in to a long stint with the WWE, too. Check her out here (including some early pics of the babe as a brunette) and then get ready to watch her watch a rumble tonight…

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