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Emily DiDonato Has Had A Hot Week [PHOTOS]


We don’t think any international supermodel has been more international than Emily DiDonato this week–and we’re particularly impressed with how she’s spreading the love. The statuesque stunner started things out with an alluring turn for Australia Vogue. It’s the kind of hot photo shoot that gives us nightmares that there might be some kind of Vogue edition that we don’t know about. Do you know if there’s a Kazakhstan Vogue? We might be missing out on something really good in the latest edition of Kazakhstan Vogue. [Photo via…]

Anyway, you can see that this Sports Illustrated model gets awfully chilly for Australian Vogue–and then warms up in a hot tub, which is a lot more than we need to get heated up over her pics. Fortunately, Emily DiDonato had a more comfortable assignment around the corner. That’s to be expected from one of the modeling world’s Top 25 Highly-Paid Models, but we were still a little surprised to see Emily getting warm over the H&M brand. It’s quality stuff, but still a surprise.

You’ll find that Emily put on a typically amazing display for H&M, though. It doesn’t matter if she’s modeling high fashion or something a little more mainstream. Emily does her all to sell the clothes that she gets in–and we know that you’ll want to get deep into these fabulous photos, and then maybe see more of Emily here

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