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Behati Prinsloo Turns 25, Still Engaged, These Pics Will Help [PHOTOS]


Behati Prinsloo turns 25 years old today–that being May 16th in the Year of Our Good Lord! 2014–and she’s still engaged to Adam Levine. We don’t know what to tell you about that. Behati Prinsloo has, in fact, been engaged to the douchy lead singer for Maroon 5 since last July, and now he’s also really popular as a judge on The Voice, plus People magazine called him The Sexiest Man Alive, so we’re thinking that Behati probably thinks he’s some kind of a big catch.

And yet Behati is clearly too young to get married, so we can only hope that her encroaching years can give her some wisdom. Not that she doesn’t already have plenty of useful experience. This willowy (but stacked) beauty has been cruising international catwalks since the age of 16. It’s been a really glamorous life, and Behati even made it into the Victoria’s Secret lineup way back in 2007. We can’t really blame Behati for wanting some kind of rich and famous boyfriend, and we’re just hoping that the long engagement is just some kind of glamorous way of seriously dating.

At least we’ll give Adam credit for putting Behati in t-shirts for Motorhead and Flipper. We’re pretty sure that his attempt at keeping Behati looking kind of hip. Check out these plentiful pics, though, and you’ll see that most guys will adore Behati no matter what she’s wearing. Or, more importantly, isn’t wearing…

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